Focusing on the Greatest Need

Welcome to IntelliMedia Africa, your trusted partner for innovative media, education, event, and connectivity solutions designed to empower Africa’s growth. We provide advanced technologies tailored to the unique needs of African industries, with a strong focus on distributing education and training programs, enhancing media organizations’ efficiency and monetization, broadcasting events and conferences globally, and bridging the digital divide with cost-effective connectivity solutions.

Broadcast & Media

Mixie Media solutions are our comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower African broadcasters and media organizations.

Training & Education

Mixie learning and training management systems, our robust are ideal for Africa's education and corporate training sectors.

Conference & Trade Show

Mixie Events, our all-in-one event management solution, is designed to empower conferences and trade shows in Africa.

Connectivity Solutions

Our Connectivity solution is designed to bridge the digital divide in Africa by enhancing private cellular networks in connectivity-challenged areas.

MiXie Framework

A Powerful suite for your Digitization needs

We believe in building a synergistic relationship with our customers and optimising their business performance through the efficient use of talent, processes and technology.

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