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Company Overview​

Towards The Technological Paradigm Shift

IntelliMedia Networks is a global technology company dedicated to providing innovative media, education, event, and connectivity solutions. With a strong focus on the African market, we are committed to empowering industries and communities with tailored technologies that drive growth, create opportunities, and foster sustainable development in the region.


IntelliMedia Networks Inc. is a US based company committed to the delivery of world-class media delivery solutions for our customers worldwide.

IntelliMedia Networks Inc got started with a feeling — a visceral, gut feeling — about the next great thing in tech. In 2005, when the market was tough financially, raising capital was hard, the video industry was moving at lightning speeds toward an undefined future. But it was a future and a challenge that we were determined to succeed at, and with a little structure, a little engineering, and a whole lot of innovative thinking, that’s exactly what we did.


Meet our team

Ms. Jane Nawezi


Jane is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with a rich background in the agriculture and agri-tech industries. As the CEO of IntelliMedia Africa, Jane brings her extensive knowledge of the African business sector, coupled with her unwavering drive to transform the lives of African youth by helping them realize their full potential through impactful training and education.

Throughout her career, Jane has made significant contributions to the growth and development of the agriculture and agri-tech sectors, identifying innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by African communities. Her dedication to empowering African youth is evident in her commitment to creating opportunities that enhance their revenue-generating potential, leading to sustainable growth and development across the continent.

As an entrepreneur, Jane sees IntelliMedia Africa's solutions as vital enablers for a newly empowered Kenya and Africa. She believes that by harnessing the power of technology, businesses and communities can overcome their challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Her leadership and vision have been instrumental in driving the company's growth and success in the region, ensuring that IntelliMedia Africa continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the specific needs of the African market.

Jane's passion for empowering African youth and her commitment to driving change in the region are at the heart of IntelliMedia Africa's mission. Under her guidance, the company is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions across the continent, offering innovative solutions that enable businesses, communities, and individuals to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

Mr. Alex Chesosi

Board Chairman

Alex is a highly accomplished business leader with a wealth of experience across various sectors, including telecommunications, finance, and investment. As the Board Chairman of IntelliMedia Africa, Alex brings his extensive knowledge of the African telecom sector and his ability to identify technology solutions that address the challenges faced by businesses and consumers in the region.

Alex's background includes successful work at Baran Networks Telecom, Genghis Capital, and Kenya Airways where he held key leadership roles and contributed significantly to the growth and success of these organizations. His deep understanding of the African market dynamics and his ability to forge strategic partnerships have earned him a reputation for excellence in the business world.

With his vast experience in the African telecom sector, Alex possesses invaluable insights into the technology needs of the region. As the Board Chairman, Alex plays a pivotal role in guiding the company's strategic direction and ensuring its long-term success in the African market. His commitment to fostering growth and development across the continent through innovative technology solutions is at the heart of IntelliMedia Africa's mission. Under Alex's leadership, the company is poised to make a lasting impact on the region's business landscape and empower communities with cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and create opportunities.

Mr. Mark Ngaru

Chief Legal Officer

Mark is an accomplished legal expert with extensive experience in technology, media, and telecommunications law. As the Director and Chief Legal Officer of IntelliMedia Africa, he oversees the company's legal affairs, ensuring compliance with regional regulations, and advising on strategic partnerships and business opportunities. His expertise is crucial in navigating the complex legal landscape in Africa and protecting the company's interests.

Mr. Martin Mbaya


Martin is a highly respected professional in the fields of education and corporate training and digital delivery of information. As a Director of IntelliMedia Africa, he brings his vast experience and insights to the development and implementation of the digital solutions in many sectors in Africa, ensuring that the solutionseffectively address the unique needs of the African education, training, and communications sectors.

Mr. Emmanuel Ngetuny


Emmanuel is a distinguished leader with a diverse background in engineering, conservation, and technology. As a Director at IntelliMedia Africa, Emmanuel brings his extensive knowledge of the Kenyan market and experience working with the government and large institutions to support the digitization of services in the country.

With a strong background in engineering, Emmanuel has led numerous successful projects in various industries, showcasing his ability to innovate and solve complex problems. His passion for conservation has driven him to explore sustainable technology solutions that address environmental challenges and promote responsible development.

Throughout his career, Emmanuel has gained invaluable country-specific expertise by working closely with the Kenyan government and large institutions to support the digitization of services. His deep understanding of the unique technology needs in these sectors has been instrumental in shaping IntelliMedia Africa's strategy and offerings, ensuring that the company's solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the Kenyan market.

Emmanuel's accomplishments in engineering, conservation, and technology have earned him a reputation for excellence and visionary leadership. His dedication to empowering businesses, communities, and institutions through innovative solutions continues to drive the success of IntelliMedia Africa in the region. As a member of the company's leadership team, Emmanuel is committed to making a lasting impact in Kenya, contributing to the digital transformation and sustainable growth of the country.

Mr. Darshan Sedani


Mr. Darshan Sedani is the current President and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks. He is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful ventures. Darshan has played a crucial role in driving the company's innovation and growth, contributing significantly to its position as a global technology solutions provider.

With a strong ability to address the management and delivery of technology from a business need perspective, Darshan has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry's unique challenges and requirements. This customer-centric approach has been instrumental in guiding IntelliMedia Networks to develop a diverse range of tailored solutions that cater to specific market needs, ensuring maximum impact and value for businesses.

Darshan's leadership and unwavering drive have enabled IntelliMedia Networks to achieve several groundbreaking innovations. His keen eye for identifying emerging technologies and harnessing their potential to transform industries has been a key factor in the company's success. As a Director of IntelliMedia Africa, Darshan's expertise and vision are invaluable assets in shaping the company's growth and expansion in the African market.

With a commitment to empowering businesses and communities through innovative technology solutions, Darshan is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of millions across Africa. His passion for technology and its transformative potential continues to inspire the team at IntelliMedia Africa, guiding them toward new heights of success and innovation.

Before working with Intellimedia, Darshan worked with California-based MonetizeMedia and Koyo Graphics International in an executive/co-founder position to help them to grow from start-ups to their eventual successful exits. Darshan was credited by NASA for developing the world's first media streaming protocol. His project portfolio includes impressive clientele like NASA, Bandai Inc., Citizen, Pioneer, Vodafone, Disney, ESPN, FOX, VBrick, FIFA, Olympics, ICC Cricket world cup, etc. Darshan has been recognized as an industry and tech leader by MicroAge, Economic Times, Asian Age, and other publications. He is the recipient of India's prestigious civilian awards like Vivekananda youth entrepreneur of the Year and Gujarat-Ratna in India.

Mr. Teodros Gessesse


As a member of the African diaspora and the current CEO and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks, Inc. Teodros brings a unique perspective and invaluable experience to his role as Director at IntelliMedia Africa. With a rich background in technology and its implementation across a variety of market sectors, Teodros has demonstrated exceptional ability in identifying and harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies to drive growth and development.

Teodros' passion for simplifying technology lies at the core of his vision for IntelliMedia Africa. By making advanced technologies more accessible and user-friendly, he believes that impact-driven applications in training, media distribution, and digital-divide bridging technologies can be effectively deployed across the African continent. This passion is evident in the range of solutions offered by IntelliMedia Africa, which are designed to empower industries and communities, addressing their unique needs and challenges.

Teodros' strong connection to Africa has also played a significant role in shaping the company's mission and values. As a member of the African diaspora, he is deeply committed to fostering sustainable growth and development within the continent. Through his leadership at IntelliMedia Africa, Teodros is dedicated to creating a lasting impact on the region's education, media, events, and connectivity sectors, ultimately helping to transform the lives of millions of people across Africa.

Kennedy Mwavishi Ndambiri

Chief Marketing Officer

Ken is an adept professional with specialized knowledge in Africa's connectivity, telecommunications channel development, and ICT integration. His expertise in cloud-based platforms and marketing is unmatched. Serving as the Acting CEO of China Communication Service Kenya from 2020 to 2023, he spearheaded critical projects, emphasizing the development and financing of telco initiatives tailored for the African market. Before that, as the Director of Sales and Marketing, he was instrumental in forging key sales strategies, focusing on telecommunications channel expansion. His roles span from Marketing Coordinator at Concepts & Beyond Limited to Marketing Officer at Kimberly Group Limited in the UK, showcasing his versatility. A proud alumnus of Middlesex University with a major in Marketing & Business Studies, Ken further refined his skills with training in leadership and data center management. An enthusiast of reading, sports, and fitness, Ken's mission is to amplify Africa's connectivity and foster organizational growth through his strategic expertise.