10 Aug 2023

Intellimedia Africa’s Chairman Mr. Alex Chesosi’s Interview with CNBC Africa

I am thrilled to share some remarkable news. In a recent interview with CNBC Africa, I had the pleasure of discussing Intellimedia’s exciting expansion journey into Kenya, a pivotal move that reflects our commitment to growth and innovation.

As the Chairman of Intellimedia, I am proud to lead a team that is not only forward-thinking but also deeply invested in creating a positive impact. Our decision to expand operations into Kenya is rooted in the belief that East Africa holds immense potential for our services and solutions. This move is a testament to our commitment to tapping into new markets and nurturing local talent.

During the interview, I shared insights into why Kenya was the natural choice for our expansion efforts. We’re not just aiming to establish a presence; we’re dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships, contributing to the local economy, and embracing the region’s vibrant spirit.

I invite you all to delve into the interview, where I discuss the strategic vision behind this expansion, our goals, and the incredible opportunities we envision in Kenya and beyond.

Let’s discuss: How do you see global companies contributing to local economies? What role do you think innovation plays in driving sustainable growth? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s to embarking on this exciting new chapter together!