02 Feb 2024

‘On The Brink Of A Great ICT Revolution’: Kenya-Based Entrepreneur On The Country’s Tech Landscape

The take-off for Africa will happen in Nairobi, says businessman Alex Chesosi to FORBES AFRICA in a recent interview. He is a man on a mission, keen to see Kenya play in the big leagues when it comes to technology.
18 Nov 2023

Alex Chesosi Reveals How Private Cellular Networks are Reshaping the Business Landscape

Intellimedia Chairman Alex Chesosi has urged procurement officers to embrace the transformative power of connectivity, emphasizing its role in expanding market reach and attracting a broader customer base.

25 OCT 2023

Intellimedia Networks Africa, Matic partner to Launch High-Tech Wireless Fibre in DRC

Intellimedia Networks Africa, a prominent IT business has forged a strategic partnership with Matic Enterprises, a technology company, to introduce a cutting-edge Wireless Fibre network in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
26 Aug 2023

Intellimedia Africa’s Impact on Connectivity in Kenya and Beyond

Intellimedia Africa has marked its robust entry into the African market with the start of the first batch of trainees for their market-changing connectivity solutions, setting the stage for a revolution in digital connectivity that aligns with the continent’s growth needs and the digitization goals of Kenya.

18 Aug 2023

Intellimedia Africa’s Chairman Mr. Alex Chesosi’s Interview with KTN News

I’m beyond excited to share that I recently had an incredible interview experience with KTN News – Business Today segment, where I had the opportunity to delve into the inspiring story behind Intellimedia Africa’s inception in Kenya. The interview is live, and I’m thrilled to invite you all to watch and participate in this journey!
10 Aug 2023

Intellimedia Africa’s Chairman Mr. Alex Chesosi’s Interview with CNBC Africa

I am thrilled to share some remarkable news. In a recent interview with CNBC Africa, I had the pleasure of discussing Intellimedia’s exciting expansion journey into Kenya, a pivotal move that reflects our commitment to growth and innovation.