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MiXie Meet


Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution

With MiXie Meet video conferencing platform, achieving impactful and value-based results are just a few clicks away.

MiXie Meet enterprise edition is an ideal white-label solution to deploy your own dedicated video conferencing system for multiple users across the organization. It delivers simple, modern video collaboration experiences across the organization. Simple to set up and manage, MiXie Meet works with the tools and devices you already have and is built to grow as the organization grows.


With our MiXie Meet proprietary software, you’ll gain access to a wide range of features that make it easier for your business to keep up with the competition and get more done from anywhere

Quick and Easy Start

Find the best meeting times for group and team meetings. Just click on ‘join’, and you are there in the meeting already!

Live Meeting Control

Control every aspect of your online meeting in real-time. Find, review and correct your settings without creating any disturbance.

Improved Productivity

Helping modern businesses schedule and manage meetings in a simple and smart manner.

One-Touch Access

Meetings may be longer, but joining them will not be with our one-touch access option.

Work from Anywhere

Make your organization more agile and adaptable in instant.

Group Chat Video Calling

Empower your team to work better, faster with MiXie Meet.