MiXie Holoport


MiXie Holoport

Hyper reality experiences merge virtual reality technology with physical stage effects that incredibly enhance the experience. With MiXie Holoport by IntelliMedia Networks, transport and immerse yourself into the new age video experiences that combine the power of virtual reality and live communication. By bringing IntelliMedia Networks’ video streaming capabilities into the hyper reality world, we are opening up new possibilities. Imagine a use case of students experiencing a real world distant class room or attending a meeting by remotely participating in virtual conference room. This solution is perfect for virtual office environments, distant training, reality property walkthroughs etc. 3D VR environments will ‘port’ users virtually where they will be able to experience interactive AR elements and experience live streaming with presenters being projected with live holograms.


3D visualization & asset creation

3D modeling & texturing

Real-time VFX

2D & 3D animation


360-degree video

Environment scanning

Key Advantages

Incredibly immersive experience

Better retention

Higher engagement

Lower costs

Brand differentiations

Better recall

Targeted Industries

Event Organizers




Sports Leagues