Mixie Media AI


Mixie Media AI

Our improved MiXie Media AI 2.0 engine extracts a wealth of information from your live and on-demand videos making highly personalized recommendations, suggesting intuitive decision making and increasing experiential customer engagements. Mixie Media AI’s deep learning capabilities make your applications smarter and more productive.


Intuitive Content Recommendation

Improve search results and rediscover a wealth of information accumulated in video libraries. Extracted metadata helps viewers filter search results to get to relevant information quickly.

Intelligent Security Analysis

The MiXie Media AI engine is a natural fit for security applications where processing either live or on-demand video of either large libraries or live video feeds generates results that help identify targeted elements.

Smart Workflow Automation

Insert automated workflow monitoring of production lines to identify defects and damage as an enhanced production quality assurance process functioning at speeds beyond human reaction times.

On-Target Contextual Advertising

Serve advertising at the most appropriate times to increase response actions from viewers.

Key Advantages

Analyze images and videos

Image comparison

Object detection

Video event detection

Text detection

Sentiments detection

Celebrity recognition

Video metadata extraction

Face detection

Speech to text extraction

Flag inappropriate content

Custom tagging workflows


Object Recognition

Be it humans, objects or animals. Video AI can help you automate object recognition workflows.

Rich Metadata Extraction

Uncover the sentiments, faces or celebrities or more.

Searchable Video Archives

Use AI to build searchable video archives.

Targeted Industries​

Media & Entertainment


Corporate Training

Security & Surveillance

Enterprise Broadcasts

Production Workflow Quality Control Automation