Media Interviews

Discover the latest insights and news about IntelliMedia Networks Africa through our collection of interviews across various media platforms. Our leadership team shares their thoughts on the company’s innovative solutions, strategic advantages, and how we’re shaping the future of media, training, and connectivity in Africa.

Press Interviews

“Revolutionizing the African Media Landscape: An Interview with Jane Nawezi, CEO of IntelliMedia Networks Africa” – African Business Magazine

In this in-depth interview, Jane Nawezi shares her vision for transforming the African media landscape and how IntelliMedia Networks Africa’s solutions are empowering media organizations to monetize content and reach a global audience.

“Bridging the Digital Divide: A Conversation with Alex Chesosi, Board Chairman of IntelliMedia Networks Africa” – The Africa Telegraph

Alex Chesosi discusses the challenges of digital connectivity in Africa and how IntelliMedia Networks Africa is providing cost-effective solutions that enable widespread connectivity in the region.

Television Interviews

“Innovating the Education and Training Market: Martin Mbaya on Mixie LTMS” – Africa Business News Channel

Martin Mbaya discusses how the Mixie LTMS platform is revolutionizing the training and education sector in Africa by providing tailor-made solutions that address the unique needs of the region’s educators and learners.

“Empowering Events and Conferences: Darshan Sedani on Mixie Events” – African Entrepreneurship Channel

Darshan Sedani shares insights on how Mixie Events is helping event organizers and trade show managers to broadcast their events and conferences to a global audience, unlocking new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Article-Based Interviews

“The Future of African Connectivity: Avi Cohenon IntelliMedia Networks Africa’s Solutions” – Tech Africa Online

In this exclusive article, Avi Cohen discusses IntelliMedia Networks Africa’s approach to addressing the digital divide by offering innovative connectivity solutions designed specifically for the African market.

“IntelliMedia Networks Africa: Pioneering the Next Generation of Media, Training, and  Connectivity Solutions” – Africa Innovation Journal

An insightful interview with the entire leadership team of IntelliMedia Networks Africa, exploring the company’s mission, strategy, and commitment to empowering African businesses and communities with cutting-edge technology solutions.

“Measuring and Managing Training Programs: An Insightful Interview with Teodros Gessesse of IntelliMedia Networks Africa” – African Education Times

In this thought-provoking interview, Teodros Gessesse, Director of IntelliMedia Networks Africa, shares his valuable insights on measuring and managing training programs using technology in the African context. With his extensive experience in technology implementation and passion for simplifying technology, Teodros discusses the importance of effective measurement and management of training programs to drive better outcomes and foster a culture of continuous improvement.