MiXie ILA offers a unique blend of learning and training management framework which adapts to Smart TV, Set-Top Boxes mobile tablets, mobile phones & VR boxes.

It is based on a unique pedagogy of integrated AR-VR technology to offer students/trainees an immersive interaction platform. It facilitates students to get fully immersed in the subject matter enabling more participation in the sessions.

This app has been built upon a technology framework from IntelliMedia Networks, which won the NAB2019 product of the year award.

MiXie ILA is an extension of the MiXie Learning & Training management system (LTMS). App’s training methodologies consist of live & On-Demand courses, resource libraries, assessment modules, and mobile app – which extends the second screen companion experiences. This unique immersive training app ecosystem offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and training effectiveness.

Key Features

Immersive Video-based Training Material

Course content creation and dynamic control

Live and On-Demand video libraries

Showcasing Tools for Assessments

Easily accessible and downloadable courses

Live Q&A for Trainers and Trainees

Live Chat

Interactive Companion App

Multilingual Support

Key Advantages

An immersive world

Focused Involvement

An emotional connect

Increased motivation

A personalized learning approach

Better knowledge retention

Significant cost saving

Different learning styles & speed

Synchronous Sessions

Virtual learning environments

MiXie ILA Applications

Enterprise Training Applications

Educational Training Institutes Applications

Compliance Training Applications

Medical education and training

Remote Training

Workplace Learning

Manufacturing Training

Industrial Training

Military training

Sports and Entertainment

Employee On boarding (and Cross-Training)

Customer/Client Interaction Training


Real-Time Bi-Directional Data Streaming

Push live updates, second screen contents, and chat messages to and from any desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.

Scalable Up to Millions of Concurrent Users

MiXie can help educational platform supporting with a high number of users, while simplifying and optimizing the data transmission architecture.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure and Bandwidth Requirements

Reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs in servicing any size and kind of online platform.