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MiXie Cloud


Mixie Cloud Platform

MiXie cloud is a complete platform for end-to-end live, on-demand and recorded video acquisition, ingestion, management and a delivery platform that can be used on the public internet or private networks. MiXie cloud platform is built on cloud for scaling and providing robust performance.


Multi-platform delivery

Connect with your viewers wherever they are, on computer, mobile, set-top box or TV.

HD adaptive streaming

The Platform offers dynamic streaming technologies to provide high quality videos sensing currently available bandwidth.


MiXie video platform offers both controlled and viral syndication to help you reach the broadest audience possible.

Live encoder solution

Integrated hardware/software encoding solution greatly simplifies event broadcasting.


Flexible monetization rules engine to generate revenues from your content based on advertising, pay-per-view or subscription.

Content delivery

Integration with world-class content distribution networks with the ability to scale up to high viewer numbers.

Media formats

MiXie video platform supports .H264, Flash, HTML5, QuickTime, Silverlight, and Windows Media content delivery.

Media publishing

Our comprehensive media player framework enables users to create dynamic media players and media portals. The MiXie video platform also supports end-to-end creation, management, and delivery of Live and On-Demand webinars.

Key Advantages

No capital expenditure

Broadcast video in your branded player

Worldwide audience reach

Accelerate new business model deployment

Generate revenue with your content

Supports all leading screens and browsers

Turnkey solution

Targeted Industries​


Sports Leagues

Event Organizers

Government Entities



Healthcare Organizations